Flower-Finder Optimizations

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A copy-only AB test that increased clicks by 90%.

Flower-Finder Optimizations

Project Introduction

We built a gift finder for Teleflora's e-commerce site. We created a diagnostic that gave the users suggestions of which bouquet to gift.  As the lead designer, I was responsible for all things design: the research, the content, the structure and logic, the final sign-off on the UI, and all the copy.

The Problem

We had deployed banners on 18 category pages across our client’s site and our mid + bottom of the funnel metrics were performing well, but we weren’t seeing enough users initiating the experience; our initiation rate was 11%, where IR was the percentage of users on the page who opened the banner.

The Hypotheses

The layout of the banners had just been optimized, so we focused our renewed optimization efforts on the copy. Our original value proposition was that we could help users choose the best product for their recipient if they were having a hard time picking. We used the original copy as a control in the test.

I came up with 2 new psychological drivers to test against our original copy:

Version A) Emotional Pull: users will click if they see their emotional intent reflected in the value prop.

Version B) Time Saving: users will click if they think they can get through the shopping process faster.

Version A: Emotional Pull

Version B: Time Saving

Control: Help Choosing

The Results

Version A, the emotional pull hypothesis, seriously outperformed both the original copy and Version B. When we switched all the banners over to Version A, our overall Initiation Rate increased from 11% to 21%, which is an improvement of 90%.
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